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What makes one floor cleaning company different than another? In today’s high paced, competitive, price driven world of building service providers lowest price bid often gets the job. Sometimes facility managers who are driven by budget constraints from upper management get lucky, but most of the time in order to get the job done cheep, corners are cut and something important gets left out. Many times the quality service provider is called after in to clean up the mess caused by someone who was not properly trained or supervised.

How can a low price contract effect the cost building maintenance? If proper procedures, equipment and cleaning solutions are not used:

  • it elevates the probability of indoor environmental issues
  • it may decrease the use life of floor coverings
  • it increases future cost to restore to acceptable condition
  • it can lowers the aesthetic appeal of the interior
  • durability & performance of floor surface can be diminished

In short, the low bidder may cost you more in the long run. Take the time to per-qualify vendors.

  • Engage in a personal interview with General Operations Manager or Owner
  • Service References, Years in business, Involvement in the industry
  • Type of equipment, cleaning solutions & cleaning systems used
  • Discuss maintenance frequency and detailed plan of action
  • Review documentation provided before and after service is performed

Continual communication is essential to a successful relationship/partnership between a vendor and a property manager. In Orlando and Central Florida give Strategic Maintenance and Restoration Services an opportunity to bid on your floor maintenance. Like many others before, You will be happy you made the call.

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