Dying Bleach Spots in Carpet

Spot Dying Carpet

We are often asked if Dying bleach spots in carpet is possible, and the answer is yes. Bleach spots, bleach stains or bleach color loss issues are usually caused by accidental spills of bleach, medicine, pesticides or highly acidic cleaning products. Once these spills occur, time is of essence. The longer the spill is present, the lighter the carpet may get.

Wool carpets will actually not only loose color when bleach is spilled onto them but the fibers may actually dissolve. Multi-colored carpets can make this process difficult, but it most of the time a trained spot dying professional can make them look a lot better. It certainly is alot less expensive than replacing the carpet. Cost is usually about $150-$200 per man hour.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures of a hotel hallway that was recently done in April 2019. The management was very happy.

On average a professional can make the carpet look 80% – 90 % better sometimes totally making the color loss dissapear.

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