Rubber & Cork floorings typically is used as a renewable resource flooring that is most often found in commercial kitchens and rooms designated for leisure time. Clients who have purchased these types of floors for the first time probably have a few misconceptions about the cleaning methods needed for rubber & cork floor maintenance.Rubber & Cork Floor Maintenance

First of all, just because rubber & cork floors are a form of sustainable flooring that’s made from recycled rubber, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need proper caring and cleaning. On the contrary, it needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Your best solution would be to hire a professional, eco-friendly cleaning company. Our 30 years of experience in the domain guarantee the highest quality services that money can buy.

Regardless of where and when you’ve purchased the rubber & cork flooring for your commercial space, rest assured that we deliver top-notch cleaning and maintenance solutions. We work closely with manufacturers, whilst following the latest guides and industry standards.

Rubber Floors

Rubber floor tiles can be made by either recycled rubber or directly from the sap of the rubber plant. Each manufacturer uses its own technique in order to achieve the final product, thus, we recommend hiring our specialist team for the cleaning process. Our team keeps an ongoing collaboration with rubber floor manufacturers, working only by the guidance and standards of both the industry and specific manufacturers.

Although rubber floors are strong and durable, a poor maintenance and cleaning schedule can simply damage the surface and reduce the overall quality of the tiles. We recommend the use of sealing substances in order to protect the rubber floors from most contaminants.

Cork Floors

The durability of cork floors is given by the creation process itself, however, it is up to each customer to assure proper maintenance in order to keep the durability at high levels. Cork floors should be vacuumed or dusted every week; otherwise, the accumulated contaminants might damage the surface. If you haven’t already, make sure to apply a proper polyurethane coating to your cork floors. This will further ensure that the quality and surface of the floors are kept as close to the original as possible. The polyurethane coating should be applied every year.

Interesting facts about cork:
  • Only the bark of the cork tree is harvested, thus the tree can recover
  • Cork floors are made exclusively out of recycled wine corks
  • Cork does is not only eco-friendly but can also be used as a sound insulator
  • Some of its properties include fire resistance
  • Cork floors require specialized cleaning substances

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