Stone Care Tips

Our stone cleaning tips are guaranteed to protect your stone floorings for a longer period of time.

General Tips:

If you see any streaking or scratching on your stone tiles, your best solution would be to carefully buff the area with a dry paper towel or a clean cloth. To prolong the aspect of the natural stone, you should use stone polish every once in a while. Moreover, if you want to add durability to your stone countertops, apply a sealer. However, be careful to use non-toxic sealers, especially if the countertops are in the kitchen.

How to Clean Stone Floor Surfaces
  • Use a dry dust mop on a regular basis. Stone is most often damaged by sand and other abrasive substances
  • Use doormats at the entrance of a room with stone flooring because the mats will minimize a number of abrasive substances that are carried over from other rooms, or from the outside
  • Don’t use vacuum cleaners without soft brushes, as rugged materials may chip or scratch the stone floor
How to Maintain a Clean Natural Stone Floor
  • You should only use certified natural stone cleaners
  • Correctly follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer
  • Frequently change the water used for rinsing
  • Do not use cleaning products that have acid ingredients on limestone, marble or travertine because you will damage the surface
  • Do not use abrasive products or substances because you will create scratches on the surface of the floors
Bathroom Stone Tiles & Other Areas with Abundant Moisture

Whichever the case, you will have to a squeegee to clean the stone tiles whenever water or foam gathers up on the tiles and on the grout. Cleaning them after each shower will prolong the life of the tiles.

Countertops & Other Surfaces

You should clean these on a daily basis with a soft paper towel in order to remove any possible residue from cooking or other actions.

Dos & Don’ts Shortlist

Dry mop your floors on a regular basis

  • Use neutral cleaners for your stone surfaces
  • Always rinse and dry the surface after the cleaning process
  • Clean up spills as soon as possible
  • Use doormats and other types of rugs to protect the stone from scratches and streaks
  • Use coasters in order to limit the amount of acid stains caused by beverages
  • Don’t use cleaning solutions that contain acid substances
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning solutions
Outdoor Areas (Pools & Patios)

In order to keep your backyard stone tiles clean, simply use water combine with a mild bleach solution on a regular basis. The process will remove grime, moss, and any other contaminants that are usually found in outdoor areas.

How to Wipe Recent Stains

Keeping your stone surfaces clean requires your attention at all times. Be sure to blot any spills as soon as possible. Use a clean paper towel or an absorbing piece of cloth. Apply a sealing coating on a regular basis to protect your natural stone tiles.

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