We offer the widest variety of detail cleaning services available on the market, including:

Not all facility service providers are contracted to pay attention to areas that need occasional detail cleaning. Whether it is just an office turn or a refrigerator that needs to be cleaned Strategic can assist you in keeping things healthy and spotless.

  • Maintenance for Wood & Stone detail cleaningTabletops
  • Refurbishing Solutions for Wood Furnishing
  • Excellent Kitchen Detailing (cabinets, appliances, walls, floors, etc.)
  • Solutions for Glass Panels & Interior Windows
Our team of detail cleaning experts uses eco-friendly cleaning products. All of our solutions that we use can be applied to wood or glass:
  • Wood - we take care of every type of wood tiles, from floors to walls, to furnishings. The cleaning and maintenance process also includes surface polishing and scratch repairs
  • Glass - we take an individualized approach to glass cleaning, taking into account the type of glass, its texture, and the finishing that was initially added.

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