Saving Energy Carpet Cleaning Tips

How to Save Energy When Cleaning Your Carpet

Thoroughly cleaning carpets requires a lot of time and effort. It is also a very energy demanding process. Below we’ll show you how to reduce the amount of energy you use while cleaning your carpets. Additionally, we’ll also debunk a few myths.
  • Simply vacuuming the carpet can reduce the dry contaminants by up to 90%. If you vacuum your carpets before anything else, you will be able to reduce the overall energy consumption of the cleaning process
  • Hiring cleaning experts can reduce your energy consumption as well as your amount of invested time and money
  • Using the correct cleaning system can also reduce your energy consumption
  • The use of low-moisture cleaning solutions is going to be easier on the energy consumption, but chances are it will also be less effective
  • Hot water cleaning systems will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning process, but it will also increase the energy consumption
  • More frequent cleaning will reduce the amount of energy consumed in the long run
Debunked Myths
  • Using less water is better for cleaning. False! Throughout history, water and air have been used to clean contaminants out of carpets and other surfaces. However, water management is important
  • Using less water is “green”. Partially true. Using less water overall is an eco-friendly practice, but using less water during carpet cleaning it will reduce the effectiveness of the process.
  • Hot water is bad for the environment. False! Higher water temperatures do not just increase the effectiveness of the cleaning products, but it can actually increase the amount of contaminants that are removed during rinsing.

Selecting the proper cleaning method for your carpets and floors will save you the most time, money, and energy. Understanding the needs of each material and manufacturer will lead to the selection of the best cleaning program. Thus, by carefully planning a cleaning schedule, homeowners and commercial building managers will be able to reduce the operational costs and energy usage of the cleaning process.

Keep in mind that vacuuming is the only green cleaning process that is also dry. Introducing vacuuming before your actual cleaning process will create a more energy efficient process.

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