Carpet Cleaning Products

If you didn’t know by now, we’ll tell you: vacuuming should always be the first thing you do after you decide to clean a carpet. Vacuuming alone can remove up to 90% of all accumulated contaminants, thus making the following cleaning processes easier. Below, you will find information about the 3 main types of cleaning products:

Dry Cleaning Products

The only “real” dry cleaning method of extraction is vacuuming. However, there are several products on the market that have absorbing/adsorbing properties, thus are able to extract certain types of contaminants without the need for other tools. However, tests conducted by the Carpet & Rug Institute show that dry extraction products are less effective than vacuuming it.

Wet Cleaning Products

These types of products usually involve the use of high volumes of water. The water itself is simply used as a rinsing agent. The combination of water, temperature, and the aforementioned cleaning products leads to a very efficient cleaning solution in most cases. According to research results, water extraction units that are mounted on trucks are more effective at removing contaminants than other dry cleaning products.

Low Moisture Cleaning Products

These are less known cleaning products that you may also find under the name “encapsulants”. You must apply the product to the surface that you want to clean under mechanical action. The role of these products is to loosen the contaminants and surround them in a pellicle. Once the process is complete, you have to either rinse the surface or vacuum it in order to remove the contaminants.

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