Mold Restoration

When it comes to mold restoration...Not all molds are equal. As such, not all types of mold are harmful. However, there are types of mold that are harmful based on the actual amount present. Smaller amounts of mold can be easily cleaned off - you can even do it yourself. On the other hand, mildew, can be often found on various surfaces. Cleaning both mold and mildew might be easy if there are only small traces of them, but actually identifying them is the tricky part. For professional restoration services, we stand at your service.  Mold Restoration

Mold vs. Mildew
  • Mold is often black or green in color, but it can also be found in red. The most common places to find mold include basements, bathrooms, and fabric material
  • Mildew is often found in white or gray color. Like mold, mildew can also be found in bathrooms, and fabric material
  • If you are uncertain of the type of fungus that you’re seeing, or if any family members or office colleagues show signs of illnesses, contact us for a professional inspection.

More often than not, mold and mildew flourish due to excessive moisture or humidity. The causes can be multiple, including floods, cracked water pipes, leaky roofs, etc. Depending on the location and the cause, mold can form in different shapes and sizes and may have different colorations. Once it becomes visible on the interior sides of the walls, you can rest assured that the opposite side of the wall is seriously contaminated. We recommend that you call us for a professional inspection and restoration process.

Our team of professionals can:
  • Identify the causes and sources of mold in your home or office
  • Evaluate the spread of the contamination
  • Contain and remove the existing mold
  • Dry out the walls and other surfaces in order to ensure further protection
  • Restore damaged surfaces and materials

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