Trust an experienced residential upholstery cleaning company like Strategic to clean and freshen up your home. Is your upholstery looking old and dingy? It’s time to get it cleaned. The furniture in a living room is by far the most used piece of furniture in the entire house. The whole family chills on the sofa, be it for watching TV, eating, resting, and whatnot. The more you use it, the more unhealthy it gets. The same goes for your dining room chairs. Don't let soil and other contaminants build up?

For each cleaning job, we can:residential upholstery cleaning

  • Pre-treat the upholstery with hand shampoo
  • Use eco-friendly rinsing agents
  • Apply post-cleaning protective coatings
  • Use dry cleaning methods when label specifies.*

For leather upholstery, we:

  • Remove topical soil
  • Add conditioner to protect and promote softness

*Each piece of furniture that has been upholstered has a tag that provides information about the type of cleaning that is recommended. We take pride in making sure these guidelines are followed.

In our 30 years of experience, we’ve build a reputation that is second to none.

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